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Terra Certifications & Safety Tests

Babies' skin is extremely sensitive, up to 5x thinner than adults & much more absorbent.
They'll spend almost all day every day in a diaper, so we understand the importance of being transparent about our ingredients & the quality of our products.


Which diaper absorbs the most AND stays dry?

A lot goes into a good diaper! We've seen other diaper brands pour liquid in a diaper and show that the liquid doesn't leak out, but what about the inside where it touches your baby?

You want a diaper that doesn't leak AND keeps your baby dry! We've also seen other brands perform tests where it's clear they don't put the same amount of pressure on their diaper to make it look better!

We tested a Terra diaper against two other popular diaper brands to see which one absorbs the most liquid, AND which one stays the most dry. We used a 5 lb. weight so there's no way to fudge the results. Honestly, the video speaks for itself!
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Do your baby wipes contain plastic?

A burn test reveals the truth!

When deciding which baby wipes you want to use for your family, always check the ingredients, and not just the ingredients in the liquid, you will want to know what the cloth is made of too! Terra Baby Wipes packaging clearly states all of the ingredients we use for the cloth AND the liquid—and you can easily read them all!

The cloth we use for our wipes is made of 100% Biodegradable FSC Certified Bamboo Fiber, NOT Bamboo from Viscose. The liquid is made with 99.7% Pure New Zealand Purified Water, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Aloe Vera Extract, Chamomile Essential Oil and Vitamin E. Our Kiwifruit Wipes also have Kiwifruit Extract and our Manuka Honey Wipes have Organic New Zealand Manuka Honey.

Lots of baby wipes brands contain plastic in the cloth they use! One of the best ways to test if a wipe contains plastic is a burn test.* When burned, a baby wipe that uses a plastic-based cloth will release a noxious black smoke of dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (BCP) along with other toxic particles. A natural fiber will mostly release carbon and water.

*This test was conducted under controlled conditions and we do not recommend you try this yourself.

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