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Milk Drunk names Terra 'Best Plant-Based Diapers'

The team at Milk Drunk by Bobbie did some digging and narrowed down the best baby diapers of 2023, from the best baby diapers for newborns to the best cloth diapers and they named Terra 'Best Plant-Based Diapers'!

Read the article here, or see the screenshot below:

Ready for a new brand of premium diapers on a mission to change the world? Terra is a New Zealand-based diaper company making a difference by making plant-based diapers that are “eco, natural, and premium.” These diapers are made from 85% plant-based materials and boast 360-degree absorbency–so get ready for dry baby clothes and dry sheets in the morning! They offer 12 plus hours of protection against wetness, so you can buy less diapers–which means you’ll use less diapers which means you help the environment absorb less diapers. Dermatologically tested to help prevent diaper rash, these diapers have “skin-loving” fibers and contain no bleach or latex.

Diaper Wetness Indicator ✅

Perfume-Free ✅

Chlorine Free ✅

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